Do you feel like your nighttime eating habits are getting in the way of your health goals?

During the day you are in full control of your nutritional choices and things are on track. But as soon the sun goes down, all control goes out the window?

Totally normal! As a Nutrition Coach, this is a complaint I hear a lot.

People will tell me that through the morning and into the afternoon, they have their meals planned and make great choices. But by the time they wind down after a day of work, all they feel like doing is eating “junk food”.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to troubleshoot this problem!

So, what are my top tips?

Learn to enjoy these treats in moderation. This can be difficult, and it takes time. In order to learn how to enjoy treats in moderation, let’s talk about the “Forbidden Fruit” concept. If you consistently label these treats as bad, junk, or foods to absolutely avoid at all cost, chances are, you will want them even more! If you can learn to slowly include these treat foods into your diet without the negative labels, they will become less enticing and the urge to binge will slowly disappear. ¬†From there, you can learn to pick and choose when you have these treats and they won’t be so damaging to your health goals.

Increase your protein intake at dinner. This is a really simple one you can implement if you are not satisfied after dinner. By increasing your protein intake by an additional 1/2 serving, you can minimise those PM cravings and work towards your health goals.

Increase your fibre and vegetable intake in all of your meals. Low starch vegetable options such as pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower and greens are a great, low GI source of fibre, and fibre is filling. By filling your plate with these options it will take time for your body to digest and process all of the fibre, slowing your hunger and leaving you satisfied for longer! If you don’t love veggies, try different ways of cooking or seasoning them.

Limit the amount of junk food in your house and replace with healthier options. Let’s be honest, if the junk food is there, somebody will eat it eventually. If you are still learning to enjoy treats in moderation, only store a moderate amount in the house! Find alternatives you can enjoy just as much without putting a dent in your health goals. Some great examples include salted popcorn, greek yoghurt with berries, 90% dark chocolate or cut up fruit.

If you feel like your night time food choices aren’t aligning with your health and fitness goals, give these tips a go.





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