“What should I wear to training?”

A question we get a lot before somebody attends for their initial consultation with us at Bloom Allied Health.

The answer?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable!

It doesn’t really matter what you wear to your exercise session, as long as you feel comfortable.

In saying that, there are a few things we usually recommend:

  1. If you are attending for an initial assessment specific to a body part, consider wearing something that allows us to investigate that area. For example, if you are attending for a knee problems, consider wearing shorts so we can look at how your knee moves and view your sore spots.
  2. Wear clothes you can move freely in. While you don’t need to be decked out in new Lulu Lemon, it might be a good idea to wear clothes that you could comfortably lift your arms overhead in, or move into a squat position. Basically anything with a bit of stretch and give, allowing your body to move into different positions.
  3. If it is hot, wear something light and breathable so you don’t overheat. The last thing we want is you over-heating! Depending on the weather, make sure you wear something appropriate to the heat. Exercise has the potential to raise your body heat already, without the extra layers.
  4. Finally – we want you to be comfortable! So if that means long sleeves and pants, that is totally okay! We can work around your needs and comfort levels 🙂

Finally, it’s important you bring with you a towel, water bottle and any referral letters you might have. If you are asthmatic, Diabetic or have Angina, consider any medication you might need in case of emergency. Whilst we can accomodate for small injuries with our First Aid Kit, it should always be your responsibility to cater for your health requirements.

We hope this helps you as you embark on your very first exercise session!


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