To train, or not to train… that is the question!

Often when people suffer an injury they immediately think they should rest and give up exercise until fully recovered.

However, this is actually not the case.

In fact, this is the perfect time to focus on other training goals and perhaps some weaknesses we have been avoiding.

Let’s look at a real life Case Study:

Our client, a 55 year old female has suffered a fractured left wrist as a result of a fall. It was immediately splinted and immobilised. Ouch! Later that week, our client called to cancel her exercise appointment because she felt like she would be unable to complete her usual training program. She felt terrible that should couldn’t train!

This is what we explained:

  1. While the left wrist is currently out of action, we still have the rest of your body to train! Instead of completing left arm exercises, we can still focus on the right arm, the lower back, gluteals, both legs and ankles! We quite literally still have 90% of the body left to get moving.
  2. Our Trainers are Allied Health Professionals who specialise in managing these sorts of injuries. Be assured that we will take a sensible approach to your training program whilst injured. We can even get in touch with your Doctor or Surgeon.
  3. Let’s stick to a routine. Rather than cancelling entirely, let’s keep your usual Friday morning sessions a habit and focus on what we can achieve during this time.
  4. Let’s look at your weaknesses. This might be single leg balance, hip or thoracic mobility. This is the perfect time to target these weaknesses.

Once all of this was explained, our client was keen to hop back on board and see what she could achieve during this time.

4-6 weeks later, the splint was removed and our client could hit the ground running, rather than start back at the beginning again.

Next time you sustain an injury, don’t panic! Your Trainer is the best person to help you through this injury, and you don’t need to cancel your appointment!

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