Now more than ever, we need to prioritise our health. For some, however, this might seem impossible at the moment. Our gyms are closed, and we are becoming more and more isolated within our homes. 

However, this period of self-isolation is actually the easiest way to improve our health! 

Let me explain?

It’s time to get back to basics!

No longer do we have the luxury of going out for meals, however, we do have more time to spend at home creating a nutritious and healthy meal with family.

No longer are we spending an hour on public transport to get to work, we can go for a run around the block before we sit down at home start work.  

Those morning coffee and muffin runs before your meeting in the office are now a healthier coffee and fruit option! 

There are so many positives to staying at home, and now more than ever can we make a really positive change in our health. 

So how can we make those positive changes? Well, it all comes down to a routine

At the moment, our normal routine has been completely flipped on its head. We have been forced to create new routines, and it’s up to us whether they are going to help or hinder our health. 

Let’s start by creating a new routine from scratch:

Consider your morning as a time to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Exercise has shown to be a great tool for clearing the mind of stress and anxiety. It’s important you find a form of exercise you enjoy, and stick to it. This may be a run, yoga, pilates or a HIT session from home. Whatever you enjoy – find a way to get this done at home and stick with it. Your Exercise Physiologist or exercise professional can help you find a way to exercise with what you have at home. 

After your morning exercise, it’s time to fuel for the day ahead! What are some healthy options you have at home for breakfast? For some, it might be eggs, yoghurt or oats. Whatever you enjoy – make sure you have plenty of it at home so you can start creating a healthy breakfast routine. 

As your day progresses, it’s important to stay in as much routine as you can when it comes to your work tasks. Not only is this good for your productivity, but it’s also great for your mental health. Maintaining control of work is so important for stress and anxiety, so it’s important you prioritise what needs to be done. 

As your workday closes, there are many healthy things you can be doing. Whether this is spending time with your family, going for a walk, gardening or preparing dinner, find a routine that works for your household – and stick to it. 

As you can see, it’s quite easy to create a simple, healthy and sustainable routine from home. 

Right now you have the opportunity to create a completely new routine and lifestyle. Start from scratch and find what works for you and your family. 

At Bloom Allied Health, we are successfully implementing home exercise programs to each client, ensuring they continue to stay active at home. This is delivered in a Telehealth setting allowing for live explanations, modification and discussions. Our clients are loving this form of consultation as they stay within the safety of their home.

Similarly, our nutrition clients have easily transitioned across to online coaching. With additional meal reviews and accountability checkpoints, they are making the most of being able to make each meal from home every day!

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