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Hi team, today I want to talk to you about recovery and why it’s so important when looking at your performance during training.

When we think about recovery, our mind tends to go to more of an athletic population, looking at athletes and high volume training programs, but in reality recovery is important on all aspects or spectrums of exercise and training.

Recovery is also really important for those just in a general population who are exercising for the recommended 30 minutes plus most days of the week.

So why is recovery so important? Well, it’s really important to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your training program. So you could be doing everything you should be doing in the gym, doing your program to a tee, but if your recovery is overlooked you’re not going to get the results that you’re after in the timeframe that you’re after.

So, my top tips to be looking at when you’re considering your recovery:

The first one is your sleep. Sleep is often overlooked and absolutely underrated when we’re thinking about recovery and optimal health. We need to be aiming for that seven to nine hours of sleep so our body can go through its sleep cycles and really go into repair mode.

So when we’re getting into our deep sleep that’s when our musculoskeletal tissue can go into repair mode. We’re looking at our muscles, tendons, ligaments. We’re looking at inflammatory processes, all of these things that can be damaged during exercise. They can go back to a nice resting state. Not only are they going to repair they’re going to rebuild and you’re going to be stronger and more resilient to your load and your training program. And that’s where you get stronger and fitter, more powerful and you’re able to do better in your training load. So sleep – really important.

The second big thing I want to focus on is your nutrition. Again, nutrition can be overlooked when you’re thinking about optimal performance during training. So when you’re looking at nutrition the first priority is your protein intake. This can be from plant-based or from meat-based options. As long as you’re hitting your recommended protein goals, which is specific to you and your body type. We need to be getting our protein in through the day and especially post training.

When our body breaks down protein that’s when we get those amino acids or those building blocks and that’s what our body needs not only to repair the tissue that’s been damaged during exercise but also at a cellular level to help us repair and rebuild. Really really important.

We also need to be looking at our vegetable intake. We’re getting all of this nice minerals and vitamins that are important on a cellular level for repair and regeneration. And again, this is going to make us fitter healthier and stronger and it’s going to really help us get the most out of our training program.

So nutrition and and sleep – really really important. Without these two things your recovery is going to be slow, sluggish, you’re not going to be getting the most out of your training and you are at an increased risk of injury.

If you?re not allowing our body the right tools for recovery, you’re only putting yourself at an increased risk of injury and you’re really at a disadvantage in terms of reaching your training program goals.

So whether you’re an athlete or whether you are just simply going to the gym to build on bone mineral density, you need to be thinking about your recovery. There’s many other aspects that go into it, but I think if you can nail your sleep now your nutrition you’re on the right track.


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