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So, it’s the first week of fitness classes reopening. And maybe now you’re just getting your hands on some heavier weights for the first time in the past six weeks. It’s really important now that we focus on our load management.

Injuries often occur from doing too little for too long or doing too much too quickly. So, what we want to reduce is, we’ve done potentially too little for too long at home, we want to now not go back to doing too much too soon. That’s going to increase our risk of injury. So, for the next four to six weeks, it’s really important we focus on our load management.

So, we need to be dialling our workouts right down. We need to be thinking about reducing our intensity of movement, our volume, our load, and perhaps even the amount of times we’re training per week so we can increase our recovery time. Not only do we need to be thinking about what we’re doing in the gym or in our fitness classes, we also need to be really thinking about our nutrition and our sleep. So, that we can recover as best as possible and give our bodies the best chance of reducing risk of injury and building back into our strength and our conditioning.

It’s awesome we’re able to get back into some strength classes now or your conditioning classes, but we really want to focus on quality over quantity at this point. We’ve probably been at home not doing as much as usual, so we are potentially at an increased risk of injury. So, for the next four to six weeks think about how you can improve quality of movement and slowly increase on your volume, your intensity, and your load. And while you’re doing that, really think about how your sleep and your nutrition can be improved.

So it’s important we’re focusing on, good quality protein, carbohydrates, making up a nice dish. We’re also thinking about good quality sleep, so at least seven to eight hours and not depending on the person. So, it’s awesome we’re back into the swing of things, but make sure you’re really prioritising your exercises and focusing on quality. And over the next four to six weeks you’ll be able to start getting back into what you were doing pre isolation.



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