How many times have you left the groceries thinking “what in the world did I just buy?”.


You look at your trolley and realise you can’t make a single meal from what you just purchased.


But you could probably open up a snack store.


Sound familiar?


Food shops can be difficult, especially if you are hungry, tired and unorganised.


However, a good food shop can set you up for a week of success. It can allow you to eat for your health goals, and even save you time and money.

Here is a list of ways to improve your weekly food-shop that will dramatically improve your nutrition for the next 7 days.


  1. Don’t shop hungry. This is probably the easiest tip I can offer. By shopping hungry you are more likely to opt for the snacks you want now. You might overdo it on the quick and easy stuff, instead of opting for the vegetables and protein that you really need.
  2. Avoid shopping tired or flustered. If you are tired and flustered you will probably just want to get in and out quickly, without looking for specials, or creating different meals with the ingredients you purchase. Going in with plenty of time and patience will allow you shop around and get exactly what you need.
  3. Go in with a pre-planned list. By having a list you are taking the thought out of it. You can go in knowing exactly what you need for the week ahead. You are much more likely to purchase ingredients for healthy meals, and you won’t overspend.
By completing a successful food shop, you can expect some great benefits for the rest of the week:


  • You will be more likely to eat your veggies and protein, because they are readily available.
  • There will be less bingeing or “snack accidents” because you didn’t go overboard in the snack aisle.
  • You will save time and money heading to the shops again through the week.
  • You can create healthy, nutritious meals because the ingredients are readily available.


Try these tips and let us know how you go!

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