Let’s face it – public spaces are becoming less and less appealing as COVID-19 spreads across our community.

However, it is important now more than ever to prioritise our health. And one of the best ways we can do this is to continue exercising regularly.

Did you know that exercise can actually boost our immune system, making it stronger and more able to fight against germs and viruses?

One of the best places to get the most out of our time exercising is at the gym. Here, we generally have full access to weights, resistance bands, machines and specific exercise areas.

All gyms should have their own policy in place, however here is a list of common practices to abide by when using a public gym:

  • Always actively use a towel when exercising during your workout. Often gyms will implement a strict no towel, no workout policy.

  • Use disinfectant wipes available to wipe down visible sweat, benches, seats, dumbbells, barbells, touchpoints.

  • Always wear socks, shoes and a shirt during exercise.

  • If possible, bring your own stretch/yoga mat to classes.

  • Use hand sanitiser if available.

  • Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing. Wash your hands afterwards.

  • Wash your hands with hot water and soap after using the bathroom.

  • If you are showing cold and flu symptoms, do not attend the gym.

At Bloom Allied Health, all of these policies have been implemented with great success. Further to this, we ensure that all touchpoints are wiped down after each client has used equipment. All reception, payment and waiting areas are also disinfected regularly.

As we do have immunocompromised clients here in the clinic, it is our priority to ensure the exercise space is as clean as feasibly possible. With these policies strictly in place, we are able to create a safe, private environment for our clients to continue training in for as long as possible.

If you are starting to avoid gyms due to fear of virus infection, your feelings are completely valid and understood. We understand it is a scary time and things are ever-changing.

However, if you are currently healthy and have not travelled recently, it is important to consider the benefits of regular exercise, versus no exercise (for who knows how long). Only you can make the decision to continue exercising in a public space. If you do decide to continue in the gym, remember the practices listed above and be sure to check your local gym policies as well.

Wherever you decide to exercise, keep challenging yourself and remain as active as possible to ensure the strongest immune system possible!

If you need an exercise program for home or the gym, contact an Exercise Physiologist to ensure your program is specific to your goals. At Bloom Allied Health, all clients receive individualised programming, and we are currently in the process of transitioning all gym-based programs to home programs (just in case).

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