Nutrition can be confusing, especially if you are on social media following a range of different “experts”. The problem is, everybody can offer their opinions and recommendations. But at times, opinions and recommendations can be conflicting. So what then?

If you are left feeling confused about how to tackle your nutrition goals, it may be time to consider a Coach. Somebody who can mentor you, provide accountability and trusted, evidence based advice. At some point, even a qualified Nutrition Coach can benefit from the watchful eye of Coach!

Here are 5 signs you may benefit from the help of a Nutrition Coach:

  1. You always revert back to a “fad” diet when trying to shift weight, particularly reverting to a low carb or high fat diet.
  2. You struggle to control your food urges and binges, leading to a cycle of over-eating or under-eating.
  3. You are unsure how to read a nutrition label, and struggle to compare similar foods or products.
  4. You are left feeling sluggish and sore after a week of training, even with appropriate sleep and other recovery methods.
  5. You are always rushed to buy meals at lunch time, and struggle to adequately prepare for the week ahead.

Do you struggle with any of these points? If the answer is yes, you may benefit from seeing a Nutrition Coach!

A Coach is there to provide you with manageable strategies to improve your long-term nutrition in line with your health goals. They are there to provide accountability, support and education.

Registered Nutrition Coaches can also refer out to registered Dieticians, Doctors, Endocrinologists or Psychiatrists when necessary, particularly if there are potential signs of disordered eating, gut disorders or hormonal imbalances. This will ensure that you are getting the right assistance to best help and support you from an expert.

At Bloom Allied Health, we help a range of people every day achieve their health and nutrition goals. If you are interested in this service, contact us today for a complimentary trial.

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