Are you living with a chronic health condition?

By definition, chronic health conditions are “long lasting conditions with persistent effects“. Basically, it is a health condition that is likely to last 6 months or longer, or remain ongoing.

Examples include: Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Osteoporosis and Cancer.

Most, if not all chronic health conditions can be positively influenced by regular exercise and physical activity. Regular exercise has the ability to prevent, manage and improve most chronic health conditions and side-effects, not only assisting the individual, but also helping to ease the burden on our healthcare system.

Despite the positive effects exercise has on chronic health conditions, we understand how challenging it might be to get started. We understand the barriers surrounding regular exercise, including lack of support, financial constraints, education and the physical ability to get started.

Thankfully, Medicare provide what is know as an EPC or “Enhanced Primary Care” Program. An EPC allows those with chronic health conditions to access many different Allied Health professions for help. One of those Allied Health professionals happens to include Exercise Physiology (Yay!).

If you are living with a chronic health condition, talk to your GP today about whether you are eligible to be referred to an Exercise Physiologist under an EPC. The GP will make a clinical judgement as to whether you qualify and will refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider.

At Bloom Allied Health, we accept referrals and bulk bill each consult, ensuring there are no out-of-pocket costs associated with the Exercise Physiology consultation. We like to use the bulk-billed sessions to lay the foundation for long-term exercise, ensuring each client is set up to continue exercising in the long-term, whether that is with us, at home or at their own gym.

For more information surrounding the EPC’s, visit Medicare’s website:


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